Who We Are - Promotional Trailer

For over three decades, attorney Jeffery Robinson has devoted his career to racial justice. In recent years, he has travelled the country speaking hard truths about race in the United States. “Our history,” he tells audiences, “has been stolen from us.” Weaving heartbreak, humor, passion, and rage, Robinson takes us through this stolen history, showing us how the legacy of slavery and U.S. imperialism impacts every aspect of our society.

Robinson, now Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU, has honed a powerful and uncompromising argument. On June 19, 2018, Robinson will deliver his talk at New York City's Town Hall theater. Who We Are – A Chronicle of Racism in America, brings this stolen history to life, combining Robinson's words with imagery and performances into a spectacular night that will lift us up and shake us to the core. 

Who We Are – A Chronicle of Racism in America will be the basis for a feature documentary on the history of racism in America, a provocative and terrifying, yet intellectually exhilarating, look at the hidden history of this country as a means for understanding the complexities of the nation we inhabit today.