Thank You From Jeffery Robinson

I have given versions of this presentation all over the country, and while the information presented has a power of its own, Something very special happened on the evening of Juneteenth during the presentation at NYC's The Town Hall Theater. The readings by the actors and the musical and poetic performances of the artists added a dimension that was truly magical. All of us involved with this work want to give our heartfelt thanks to those who performed, who helped make the event possible and who worked tirelessly to make this happen. 

As many of you know our goal is to create a documentary film that can reach a large number of people. We plan to work with partners to create video teaching modules that can assist middle and high school teachers tell the true story of our history of race in America. We hope to film in several places around the country and to interview a number of people who will help do a deeper dive in some areas discussed in the presentation.  We have much more to do!

The Who We Are Project, the Culture Project, Off Center Productions and Liberated People send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended, donated, supported and assisted us in taking the first step in a process that we believe can make an important contribution to the debate about racial justice in America - people whose eyes are opened can more easily see the truth.

- Jeffery Robinson